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FibreGuard Fabrics

'Easy clean' fabrics with stain free technology

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At Long Eaton Sofas, we are delighted to offer FibreGuard, the ultimate easy clean fabrics for today's busy households.

FibreGuard fabrics are highly durable have been designed to cope with the demands of modern life. The toughest of common household stains such as ketchup and red wine, to coffee and ballpoint pen are no match for FibreGuard's easy clean technology and can be simply removed with just water. Click here to see how easy it is to clean FibreGuard fabrics

FibreGuard fabrics have undergone stringent testing to ensure that not only are they easy to clean, but they're also tough enough to withstand our harshest testers: children.

Helping to keep you and the planet safe, all FibreGuard fabrics are manufactured and certified under the STANDARD 100 by OEKO TEX®. This guarantees that they won’t release any harmful finishes or chemicals into the environment and are completely safe for contact with you, your children and your pets.

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Our FibreGuard Fabric Collection

Why should you choose FibreGuard?

FibreGuard is a trusted fabric quality label and its stain-free technology allows you to enjoy your sofa, or favourite chair, assured that it will be able to stand up to everyday stains. Common household stains are easily removed with just water, allowing you to keep your furniture looking fresh year after year. Watch this video to see why...