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Why Long Eaton?

From its heritage and history, to the UK Centre of Quality Upholstery today.


Handmade in Long Eaton

Our furniture is not just British made, we design and custom-make all of our furniture in our factory in Long Eaton, a town in the heart of the East Midlands and situated in between the cities of Nottingham and Derby which has been known for generations as the centre for upholstery making in England.

Long Eaton also has a glowing worldwide reputation for producing some of finest upholstered furniture money can buy. Some of the best known upholstery brands are based here and it will come as no surprise that many high-end furniture retailers source their upholstery ranges from Long Eaton factories like ours. Browse other furniture websites and some may tell you that their sofas are made for them in Long Eaton too.


The Early 1900's. From Lace to Upholstery Manufacturing

In the 19th century, Long Eaton was a thriving industrial town, mostly producing a large proportion of the famous Nottingham lace, which was sold throughout the world. By the middle of the 20th century, lace had seen a sharp fall in demand and many factories were forced to close. Fortunately, the rise of furniture and upholstery manufacturing was able to fill many of the vacant factories and replace lace as the towns main source of employment. Upholstery manufacturing started in Long Eaton in the early 1900’s with the demand for railway carriage seats and furniture for ocean liners. A number of today's manufacturers can trace their roots back to these early days. Long Eaton quickly earned a reputation of producing the finest quality upholstery made in the UK and now that reputation goes worldwide.

Visit longeatonfurnituremakers.co.uk for a detailed history of lace and upholstery manufacturing in Long Eaton

Long Eaton Today

Some of the best known brands are based in Long Eaton and furniture made here can be found in the best retailers, house furnishers, design studios and hotels in the UK. Long Eaton made furniture is regularly exported and can also be found in many British and foreign embassies and in some of the world’s finest hotels. It is estimated that upholstery sales from furniture made in Long Eaton is in excess of £500 million per year. Today, over 2,700 people are employed in the upholstery industry in Long Eaton.

In 2014, the Long Eaton Chamber of Trade embarked on a programme of getting recognition for the upholstery manufacturing industry based in the town. In July 2015, the Chamber succeeded in its aims and Long Eaton is now recognised as a Centre of Excellence in Upholstery Manufacturing and its own registered Trade Mark was created. Only companies manufacturing within the boundaries of Long Eaton are able to use the brand and furniture displaying the logo is your guarantee that it has been, or will be made in Long Eaton. All of our furniture is hand-made in our Long Eaton factory and as a strong supporter of the programme, you will see the Long Eaton logo on our website and on every piece of furniture we make.

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