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Our first 100% recycled pile velvet. Eco-Velvet is knitted from yarns extruded from post-consumer PET bottles, repurposing thousands of plastic bottles bound for our oceans or landfill.

Eco-Velvet has a practical EasyClean finish and is available in a wonderful array of 49 colours.

Eco Plush Combo Shot Landscape

Introducing Eco-Velvet

Eco-Velvet is our first environmentally friendly velvet. Not only is it kinder to the planet, it is hardwearing and has an EasyClean finish making it suitable for every environment.

The colour palette has recently been expanded to include the latest fashion colours and Farrow & Ball inspired shades. Eco-Velvet now has an array of 49 wonderful colours to choose from.

Why choose Eco Velvet?

Each metre of Eco-Velvet repurposes approximately 30 x 550ml plastic bottles.

Eco-Velvet is knitted from yarns extruded from post-consumer PET bottles, saving thousands of plastic bottles from entering our oceans or landfill.

By using recycled, rather than virgin polyester:

  • Carbon emissions are reduced by nearly 75%
  • Energy consumption is reduced by up to 70%
  • Water usage is reduced by up to 80%

Fire retardant compliance is also achieved through a clever naturally FR modacrylic blend backing, ensuring there is no requirement for any further FR chemical treatment.

Eco-Velvet Technical Information:

  • 60,000+ Martindale Rating (SC Severe Contract)
  • Light Fastness Rating 5
  • EasyClean finish
  • Composition: 100% Recycled Polyester pile. 70% Modacrylic, 25% Cotton and 5% Synthetic Fibre backing
  • 140cm fabric width

49 colours to choose from...

Eco Velvet Petal 1
Eco-Velvet Petal
Eco Velvet Rose 1
Eco-Velvet Rose
Eco Velvet Marsala 1
Eco-Velvet Marsala
Eco Velvet Brick 1
Eco-Velvet Brick
Eco Velvet Coral 1
Eco-Velvet Coral
Eco Velvet Paprika 1
Eco-Velvet Paprika
Eco Velvet Burnt 1
Eco-Velvet Burnt
Eco Velvet Turmeric 1
Eco-Velvet Turmeric
Eco Velvet Ochre 1
Eco-Velvet Ochre
Eco Velvet Plantation 1
Eco-Velvet Plantation
Eco Velvet Olive 1
Eco-Velvet Olive
Eco Velvet Vine 1
Eco-Velvet Vine
Eco Velvet Clover 1
Eco-Velvet Clover
Eco Velvet Duffel 1
Eco-Velvet Duffel
Eco Velvet Pine 1
Eco-Velvet Pine
Eco Velvet Hunter 1
Eco-Velvet Hunter
Eco Velvet Kingfisher 1
Eco-Velvet Kingfisher
Eco Velvet Mallard 1
Eco-Velvet Mallard
Eco Velvet Teal 1
Eco-Velvet Teal
Eco Velvet Indigo 1
Eco-Velvet Indigo
Eco Velvet Airforce 1
Eco-Velvet Airforce
Eco Velvet Frosting 1
Eco-Velvet Frosting
Eco Velvet Harbour 1
Eco-Velvet Harbour
Eco Velvet Mistral 1
Eco-Velvet Mistral
Eco Velvet Denim 1
Eco-Velvet Denim
Eco Velvet Tarmac 1
Eco-Velvet Tarmac
Eco Velvet Night Sky 1
Eco-Velvet Night-Sky
Eco Velvet Dusk 1
Eco-Velvet Dusk
Eco Velvet Fog 1
Eco-Velvet Fog
Eco Velvet Quartz 1
Eco-Velvet Quartz
Eco Velvet Eggplant 1
Eco-Velvet Eggplant
Eco Velvet Moonscape 1
Eco-Velvet Moonscape
Eco Velvet Rumraisin 1
Eco-Velvet Rumraisin
Eco Velvet Sinopia 1
Eco-Velvet Sinopia
Eco Velvet Platinum 1
Eco-Velvet Platinum
Eco Velvet Timber 1
Eco-Velvet Timber
Eco Velvet Travertine 1
Eco-Velvet Travertine
Eco Velvet Archive 1
Eco-Velvet Archive
Eco Velvet Oyster 1
Eco-Velvet Oyster
Eco Velvet Bone 1
Eco-Velvet Bone
Eco Velvet Optic 1
Eco-Velvet Optic
Eco Velvet Silver 1
Eco-Velvet Silver
Eco Velvet Gris 1
Eco-Velvet Gris
Eco Velvet Turtle Dove 1
Eco-Velvet Turtle-Dove
Eco Velvet Beluga 1
Eco-Velvet Beluga
Eco Velvet Slate 1
Eco-Velvet Slate
Eco Velvet Shadow 1
Eco-Velvet Shadow
Eco Velvet Jet 1
Eco-Velvet Jet
Eco Velvet Caviar 1
Eco-Velvet Caviar
Eco Velvet Marsala
Eco Plush Combo Shot Landscape
Eco Velvet Rose

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