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Enduracare Stain Resistant Fabrics

'Easy clean' fabrics with Enduracare Technology


At Long Eaton Sofas, we have easy clean fabrics for today's busy households.

Our Enduracare fabrics are highly durable have been designed to cope with the demands of modern life. Children, pets and the clumsiest of adults are not a problem for these fabrics and the toughest of everyday stains such as chocolate, muddy paws, red wine and even ballpoint pen can be simply removed with just water.


Enduracare, the ultimate family friendly fabric. Just see for yourself...

The ultimate solution offering unrivalled technology and protection for upholstery fabric.

Powered by “Enduracare” technology, our upholstery fabric is protected against the majority of spills and stains – keeping your furniture not only looking great but performing well for prolonged use.

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