Bespoke Corner Sofas

At Long Eaton Sofas®, we do not limit you to set sizes on our corner units. Due to us manufacturing the whole piece including our solid hardwood frames we can produce corner units to your exact dimensions. Why buy an off the shelf sized corner unit when you can have one to your exact sizes and still save £100s. Please see some of our recent work below.

Columbia Corner Unit With Sofabed

Bespoke Columbia Corner Unit with Sofabed

Chasworth Sofa Chaise

Bespoke Chatsworth Sofa + Chaise

Harrison Bespoke Corner Unit

Bespoke Harrison Corner Unit

Kentucky Corner Unit

Bespoke Kentucky Corner Unit

Douglas Sofa Stool

Bespoke Douglas Corner Unit

Hampstead Bespoke Unit

Bespoke Hampstead Corner Unit

Douglas Scatter Back Unit

Bespoke Douglas Scatter Back Corner Unit


Bespoke Douglas Corner Unit

Hampstead Sofa Chaise

Bespoke Hampstead Sofa + Chaise

Bespoke Oakland Unit

Bespoke Oakland Scatter Back Corner Unit

Bespoke Harrison

Bespoke Harrison Corner Unit

Bespoke Slouch

Bespoke Slouch Corner Unit

Photo 30 11 2016 09 23 07

Bespoke Abbotsbury Corner Unit

Photo 20 12 2016 09 39 32

Bespoke Abbotsbury Sofa + Chaise

Photo 05 05 2017 11 31 22

Bespoke Columbia Sofa + Chaise

Photo 04 04 2017 15 18 36

Bespoke Fulham Corner Unit

Photo 06 10 2016 15 24 47

Bespoke Hampstead Corner Unit

Photo 06 10 2016 08 02 51

Bespoke Harrison Corner Unit

Photo 21 11 2016 11 32 44

Bespoke Lennon Sofa + Chaise

Photo 23 03 2017 09 26 42

Bespoke Oakland Corner Unit

Photo 02 05 2017 14 12 39

Bespoke No Arm Corner Unit


Bespoke Abbotsbury Corner Unit

Kentucky Bespoke Unit

Bespoke Kentucky

Bespoke Slouch Corner Unit

Bespoke Slouch Corner Unit

Please contact us with your exact requirements for a quotation on your new bespoke corner unit.